Finishing a research project on the basic literature of the discipline

A team led by prof. Janusz Wiśniewski has finished a research project entitled Basic literature of the discipline and the state of contemporary political science. Political science, Politische Wissenschaft and politologija in comparative perspective. The aim of the project was to show the differences and similarities between basic literature used in teaching political science in Russia, Germany and Great Britain.

(Polski) O roli ideologii w nauce o polityce

A few days ago we found out which projects has been chosen for funding in the recent edition of the National Programme for the Development of Humanities (Narodowy Program Rozwoju Humanistyki, NPRH). A team under supervision of Professor Janusz Wiśniewski we will be conducting research on the influence of ideology in the humanities by the example of Polish Political Science from 1999 to 2015.

Hitherto the research on the influence of ideology on science were conducted mostly from the perspective of critical theory and its contemporary variants. The aim of our project is to develop a new theoretical model that would enable researching relations between science and ideology from the perspective of political theory. One of the main inspirations for our research are works of Michael Freeden who is the author of a very influential morphological approach to studying ideology.