Days with political philosophy and theory at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism

wolnosc-przed-liberalizmemDepartment of Political Philosophy, Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, invites to the days with political philosophy and political theory:

  • 22nd of October (Wednesday) – international conference “From John Stuart Mill to John Rawls. Transformation of Social Liberalism”
  • 22nd of October (Wednesday), 6.15pm – debate “Did we choose rightly? On Liberty on the 25th Anniversary of Polish Transformation”. Participants: prof. Quentin Skinner (Queen Mary University of London) and prof. Michael Freeden (University of Oxford, University of Nottingham).
  • 23rd to 24th of October (Thursday-Friday) – international conference “Theoretical Schools and Methodological Approaches in Contemporary European Political Science. A Comparative Perspective”.