Research projects

The research projects conducted by the department’s staff include:

  • An influence of ideology on research in the humanities in the context of transformation of science in Poland: the example of Polish political science, 1999-2015
    Grant from the National Program Narodowego Programu Rozwoju Humanistyki (program Rozwój 2.a)
    Kierownik: prof. UAM dr hab. Janusz Wiśniewski
  • Basic literature of the discipline and the state of contemporary political science. Political science, Politische Wissenschaft and politologija in comparative perspective (FINISHED)
    Grant from the National Science Centre (OPUS programme), 2013-2018
    Coordinator: professor Janusz Wiśniewski
  • Concepts of Agonistic Democracy (FINISHED)
    Grant from the National Science Centre (PRELUDIUM programme), 2011-2016
    Coordinator: Filip Biały
  • Transformations of egalitarian liberalism on the basis of modern political philosophy and thought (FINISHED)
    Grant from the National Science Centre (PRELUDIUM programme), 2011-2014
    Coordinator: Łukasz Dulęba